Our 2015 Lineup

  • Aaron Thomas | Center/Scrum-Half
    Aaron Thomas

    Senior | 5’7″ | 187lbs.

    Bio: Aaron has 4 years of rugby experience having played with the Westerville Worms Rugby Club before becoming an OSU Rugby team member.AaronThomas_1

  • Blake Crowley | Wing
    Blake Crowley

    Freshman | 6’1″ | 195lbs.

    Bio: Blake has played for 3 years at his High School, St. Xavier.  This is Blake’s first year playing OSURFC.BlakeCrowley1

  • Brandon Heidinger | Center
    Brandon Heidinger

    Junior | 5’11” | 200lbs.

    Bio: Brandon has 3 previous semesters of rugby experience at Baldwin Wallace University and is currently in his 3 semester playing at OSU.BrandonHeidinger_1

  • Cory Harmon | Wing/Center
    Cory Harmon

    Senior | 5’10” | 190lbs.

    Bio: Cory’s played rugby throughout his high school career for the St. Charles Predators.  He’s currently in his 4th year playing for OSU.CoryHarmon_1

  • Dan Noland | Flanker/ 8-man/Sevens Prop
    Dan Noland

    Senior | 6’3″ | 205lbs.

    Bio: Dan has 7 years of rugby experience that started in High School playing for Perrysburg High School Rugby.  He’s now in his 4th year playing for OSU Rugby.DanNoland1

  • Dan Peyton | Center
    Dan Peyton

    Sophomore | 5’6″ | 190lbs.

    Bio: Dan has played rugby for 6 years, starting at St. Edward High School and then playing for the Buckeyes.DanPeyton_2

  • Harry McCallum | Half-back
    Harry McCallum

    Freshman | 5’8″ | 185lbs.

    Bio:  Harry started playing rugby in Queensland, Australia starting at Southport School in 2012 and continuing to play for Bond University Breaker as a half-back in 2013.HarryMcCallum_1

  • Ian Hildebrandt | Fly-half/Fullback
    Ian Hildebrandt

    Junior | 5’10” | 175lbs.

    Bio: Ian started playing rugby at St. Edward High School and started playing for the buckeyes his freshman year.  This is his 7th year in the sport.IanHildenbrant_1

  • Jack Bengel | Lock
    Jack Bengel

    Junior | 6’5″ | 245lbs.

    Bio: This is Jack’s second year playing for the buckeyes rugby team.JackBengel_1

  • Jack Walsh | Fly-half/Fullback
    Jack Walsh

    Sophomore | 6’1″ | 175lbs.

    Bio: This is Jack’s 3rd year in rugby.  He started playing at St. Edward High School.JackWalsh_1

  • Jake Berlin | Flanker
    Jake Berlin

    Senior | 6’0″ | 205lbs.

    Bio: As a sophomore, Jake started playing for the buckeyes.  He’s currently the President of the club.JacobBerlin_1

  • Jake Friedman | Lock/8-man
    Jake Friedman

    Junior | 6’0″ | 200lbs.

    Bio: Jake started playing rugby for the Fairport Rugby Club as a senior in high school and has since played for the buckeyes.JacobFriedman_1

  • John Pacelli | Hooker
    John Pacelli

    Junior | 5’8″ | 190lbs.

    Bio: Before playing for the buckeyes, John played a year at the University of Delaware Men’s Rugby.  This is his second year on OSURFC.JohnPaxelli_1

  • Kevin Fessenmeyer | Hooker
    Kevin Fessenmeyer

    Junior | 5’8″ | 195lbs.

    Bio: This is Kevin’s first year playing rugby.KevinFessenmeyer_1

  • Kevin Gibbons | Lock
    Kevin Gibbons

    Junior | 6’2″ | 200lbs.

    Bio: Kevin first started playing rugby in high school and has been with OSU Rugby for the past 3 years.KevinGibbons1

  • Kyle O'Donnell | Tighthead Prop
    Kyle O’Donnell

    Senior | 6’0″ | 285lbs.

    Bio: This is Kyle’s second year playing for OSURFC.KyleOdonnell_1

  • Luke Fay | Hooker
    Luke Fay

    Junior | 6’0″ | 215lbs.LukeFay_2

  • Luke Hickey | Scrum-half/ Fly-half
    Luke Hickey

    Senior | 5’9″ | 175lbs.

    Bio: Luke started playing rugby in Galway, Ireland for Corinthians RFC then continued playing for the Morris Lions Football Club in Morristown, NJ. He has since been with OSURFC.

  • Matt Mahoney | Flanker
    Matt Mahoney

    Senior | 5’7″ | 170lbs.

    Bio: Matt played rugby at Rocky River High School and is currently in his second year playing for OSU.NickAdamson_3

  • Matthew Stauder | Flanker/8-man
    Matthew Stauder

    Freshman | 6’3″ | 190lbs.

    Bio: Matthew started playing rugby in high school for Strongsville RFC and is currently in his first year playing for OSU.MatthewStauder_1

  • Michael Gary | Wing
    Michael Gary

    Sophomore | 5’10” | 160lbs.

    Bio: This is Michael’s first time playing rugby for OSURFC.

  • Nate Allen | Loosehead Prop
    Nate Allen

    Freshman | 6’0″ | 270lbs.

    Bio: Nate played for the Moeller Crusaders for four years before playing for OSU rugby.NateAllen_1

  • Nathan Grose | Lock
    Nathan Grose

    Freshman | 6’1″ | 205lbs.

    Bio: This is Nathan’s first year playing with OSURFC.NathanGrose1

  • Nick Adamson | Flanker
    Nick Adamson

    Freshman | 5’9″ | 195lbs.

    Bio: Nick played for 3 years for Shaker Heights Rugby Club and is currently in his first year playing for OSU rugby.NickAdamson

  • Nick Mihalitsas | Tighthead Prop
    Nick Mihalitsas

    Senior | 6’1″ | 240lbs.NickSquatch_1

  • Ryan Skelly | Wing
    Ryan Skelly

    Senior | 5’9″ | 170lbs.

    Bio:  Ryan graduated from Massillon Washington High School and this is his second year playing for OSURFC.NoName

  • Santino Cua | 8-man/ Flanker
    Santino Cua

    Senior | 6’0″ | 215lbs.

    Bio:  Santino has been playing rugby for 7 years.  He was a part of the Westerville Rugby Club in high school and competes for 1823 Men’s 7s during summer.  This is his 3rd year playing for OSURFC.SantinoCua_1

  • Spencer Uram | Wing/Center
    Spencer Uram

    Junior | 5’11” | 185lbs.

    Bio: This is Spencer’s second year playing with OSURFC.MattMahoney_1

  • Thomas Castro | Lock
    Thomas Castro

    Freshman | 6’1″ | 220lbs.

    Bio: This is Thomas’s first year playing for OSU rugby.

  • Thomas Glace | Wing
    Thomas Glace

    Senior | 5’10” | 175lbs.

    Bio: This is Thomas’s first year playing for OSURFC.

  • Zach Diakiw | Hooker/Flanker
    Zach Diakiw

    Junior | 5’10” | 190lbs.

    Bio: Second year playing for the OSURFC.ZachDiakiw_1


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